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i should be doing my medical paper now, and i promise i will because if i don't, i swear i'm going to die in a week's time.  and yes, i gripe like that because i can.  this semester doesn't take a fancy on me that much.  i'm teh greatest acads-charmer in the universe, so see, i wonder why.

it's not funny.


gods, i don't even know why i'm still blogging right this moment.  i don't make sense, and i have about a million other scholarly things to do [emphasis on scholarly, please], and next week there will be death chambers.  in the hands of the professor well-renowned for committing student-icide. 

so pray for me if you will, if you don't, whatever.  hafta go.

oh, wait, just a bit to share.  [take this pretty useful advice that you shall stop reading at this point if you have quite the outrageous imagination.] 

last night while i was on my way home, there had been unusually heavy traffic in one of the roads i take.  just when i thought it was simply for the fact that it was a friday night, i saw a crowd surrounding this body just lying there.  turns out that someone was ran over by some vehicle and the body was still in the place of incident.  the poor victim was left leg-less, and the face was sort of squashed to non-recognition.  gods, talk about disturbing.

i don't know what exactly happened, but for those who cross streets, meaning everyone,  please, people.  for our safety, let's not live in the delusion that we're vehicles; we're not.

for drivers.  sheesh, you will not run out of road to drive on.  careful.  and i know it's cheaper to leave victims un-alive, but you're not God.  don't play one.

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I can't believe this.

YOU UP THERE, can You hear me?  You have Your ways, You know?  You really do.  

That, and now this. You are.  Oh, You so are.

Thank You.  For everything.  You're the God.


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I know; you miss me. Okay? Okay. Hahaha. But seriously, the truth is I’m always in here; just never felt the need to feed anyone warped enough to spare this a second the disjoint snippets of my very, uh, disconnected existence. But yeah, whatever, right? I’ll write away, regardless. I just love ejecting barely comprehensible ‘me’ accounts on the net. No shit.
Oh well. So I’m on break now, for three whole weeks, at least. I get to laze around and fatten up, the latter being actually my mother’s ultimate dream for me. Can you believe that? Sure. Anyhow, I’m perpetually munching on chocolate-covered Cream-O cookies now. Can’t really disappoint the mom.
So my summer classes had been quite the opposite of last year’s. I would say, probably not designed to make poor college kids cry. With Speech Comm and PI 100 as subjects, it’s overstating to say that the load has been pretty much lighter. Negligible, even. What, these, versus the precious OrgChem? It’s like Jason Castro versus Cookie.
Well. The speeches-in-front-of-twenty-sumfink-people-sizing-you-up-from-your-hair-frizz-down-to-your-toenail-polish thing had been quite the bundle-o-nerves-ohgod-eat-me-ground activator.
Sheesh, why do I think using wordy modifiers isn’t annoying? 
Anyhow. PI 100, on the other hand, was. I don’t talk about things I know nothing about. So that. This year’s summer classes were, well, barely there. Heh. 
I think it’s bad news, though, that I’m still not done with my PE. I know, right? I’m going on endless duties now, holy cows. Can’t have PE being the nuisance it has always been. The thing is we’re advised to take PE on summers only because of duties during regular semesters, which means, I’ll still be having PE until my incoming senior year. Very sad, yes.
Speaking of very sad, I currently have an INC on my crs grades. An INCIncomplete, baby. Wow. And I know my friends are all, ‘it doesn’t count, hardly your fault, you idiot’ and I’m still going to get my grade on that subject, plus a handful of my classmates have the same fate as mine, still. It’s there, on ALL CAPS.   Because I forgot to place my goddamn signature on my community charting. About the jargon, that means I was not able to sign this paper/document considered extremely important in nursing. I lacked that certain requirement, thus meriting me an incomplete.
It seems absurd of sorts because it’s a tiny, tiny thing begging to be overlooked, and it’s getting me bitter with the lower lip stuck out, but actually, I get it now, you know. It’s just how things work in UP, in our college, to be specific. You just don’t forget the most miniscule detail because everything counts. In our line of work, in particular, to forget is to neglect, and to neglect is death. So I understand. Bitter and all. At least, my professors say this would be overlapped anyway, so it won’t be appearing on my transcript anymore by the time I graduate. 
Oh, acads. You are my everlasting problem I love you to death.
On another note, I would just like to be the temporary endorser of Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal for free, if that’s alright, yes? Real package for your 260 pesos, seriously. Beautiful, beautiful resort. Eight pools—of which one was for boating and another was a charming mild imitation of the Rio Grande Rapids thing, I think—, impressive cottage facilities, numerous life guards swarming the place so there’s this very little chance of drowning and getting yourself killed, and really, there’s nothing to complain about except for the jologs slide where, with grand effort of pushing yourself, you have to wait for 235924664586 years before you plop softly into the water. But well, going back. It’s worth it, I tell you. Nice place to forget your everyday life.
So okayyy. I’m bored, what else. I think I still swim in my own retardation, so I’m personally normal. Summer has been good. Screw that, understatement. Life is good.

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So I just got home, then I felt the desire to surf the net, sensed the urge to go youtube-ing, and now I feel the need to gush about how completely smitten I am with the movie Enchanted.  Oh that's okay; you can tell me how tragically behind I am on big screen films.   I've been behind on everything beyond what geekdom encompasses recently; really, I can accept it.  Anyway, just saw the flick with beautiful people called friends last Saturday, and now I'm interminably stuck to that scene where the song So Close by John Mclaughlin is playing.  Hot damn.  The movie's just... well.  Like My Bestfriend's Wedding all over again.  Except it's not because that one's too much of a weepie, and this one's a pile of adorable, feel-good fluff.  Maybe I'm talking about the emotional investment being practically parallel to it.  You know, that sense of somehow getting involved with the characters' feelings and all.  I can't even remember the last time I awwwed and turned into a potful of mush on a film.  It's one of those flicks that would leave you smiling about disturbingly for a pretty good number of days just because you get flashes of the main pair making eyes with each other, you can almost convince yourself that you can relearn romantic.

Anyhow, so upon coming out of the movie house, there was this girl who was telling her friends,
"Grabe, ang ganda talaga.  Alam mo yun?  One of the best movies ever.  Grabe."

I was sniggering the whole time she was talking because, well.  Let's not overdo it.  Honey, that's just your hormones shooting up.

But the movie really is good.  Patrick bloody Dempsey is there, seriously.  And Cyclops too albeit he was too much of an idiot of a prince in the movie.  

Right, I'm probably going back to bed now while So Close is still playing in my head.  Yesterday, I had That's How You Know He Loves You.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be onto Happy Working Song.  Um.  Yeah.  Planning on LSS-es now.

So.  Merry Christmas, then, lovelies.  I'll pray for you.  Heh.

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And because you're bored, and I care, here you go.

Just a warning, yeah? You might want to watch out for possible dyslexia after reading. Be that as it may, feel the engaging mental stimulation. :)

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*Through with taking roads, someone else designed...
Through with chasing stars that soon forget to shine.

So it was one of those moments when it just hits you, and you start asking yourself for the 432891729057th time, "Why am I even bothering with all these?"

But then you realize that in time...

**Unti-unting mararating, kalangitan at bituin...

So you get back to geekdom... 


*Lines from the song Pilgrim's Theme
**Line from the song Pangarap na Bituin

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