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Abominasyon [userpic]
Because I just finished 9 mornings of Misa de Gallo.

So I just got home, then I felt the desire to surf the net, sensed the urge to go youtube-ing, and now I feel the need to gush about how completely smitten I am with the movie Enchanted.  Oh that's okay; you can tell me how tragically behind I am on big screen films.   I've been behind on everything beyond what geekdom encompasses recently; really, I can accept it.  Anyway, just saw the flick with beautiful people called friends last Saturday, and now I'm interminably stuck to that scene where the song So Close by John Mclaughlin is playing.  Hot damn.  The movie's just... well.  Like My Bestfriend's Wedding all over again.  Except it's not because that one's too much of a weepie, and this one's a pile of adorable, feel-good fluff.  Maybe I'm talking about the emotional investment being practically parallel to it.  You know, that sense of somehow getting involved with the characters' feelings and all.  I can't even remember the last time I awwwed and turned into a potful of mush on a film.  It's one of those flicks that would leave you smiling about disturbingly for a pretty good number of days just because you get flashes of the main pair making eyes with each other, you can almost convince yourself that you can relearn romantic.

Anyhow, so upon coming out of the movie house, there was this girl who was telling her friends,
"Grabe, ang ganda talaga.  Alam mo yun?  One of the best movies ever.  Grabe."

I was sniggering the whole time she was talking because, well.  Let's not overdo it.  Honey, that's just your hormones shooting up.

But the movie really is good.  Patrick bloody Dempsey is there, seriously.  And Cyclops too albeit he was too much of an idiot of a prince in the movie.  

Right, I'm probably going back to bed now while So Close is still playing in my head.  Yesterday, I had That's How You Know He Loves You.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be onto Happy Working Song.  Um.  Yeah.  Planning on LSS-es now.

So.  Merry Christmas, then, lovelies.  I'll pray for you.  Heh.

Current Music: So Close- John Mclaughlin

Congrats on completing the Simbang Gabi! :D

HINDI KO NA NGA NAPANOOD YUNG STARDUST, HINDI KO RIN NAPANOOD PATI ENCHANTED. I'm seriously developing a worse case of being a, oh, what do you call that again? A LOSER.

Oh well. Merry Christmas! :D

hehe, salamat. :)

panuorin mo yung enchanted! ansarap sa pakiramdam. that, or katatapos lang kasi nung epikong exam ni dr. maglaya nun, kaya mejo napaganda talaga nia mood ko. haha. XD

so shempre ndi na 25, pero anu ba, merry Christmas pa rin. ;p

yeh, onga, ganda ng enchanted. paglabas ng sine kakanta kanta ka. hehehe :D

erica! kumusta ka? :)