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Abominasyon [userpic]
migod internet connection, you are such a bitch

i should be doing my medical paper now, and i promise i will because if i don't, i swear i'm going to die in a week's time.  and yes, i gripe like that because i can.  this semester doesn't take a fancy on me that much.  i'm teh greatest acads-charmer in the universe, so see, i wonder why.

it's not funny.


gods, i don't even know why i'm still blogging right this moment.  i don't make sense, and i have about a million other scholarly things to do [emphasis on scholarly, please], and next week there will be death chambers.  in the hands of the professor well-renowned for committing student-icide. 

so pray for me if you will, if you don't, whatever.  hafta go.

oh, wait, just a bit to share.  [take this pretty useful advice that you shall stop reading at this point if you have quite the outrageous imagination.] 

last night while i was on my way home, there had been unusually heavy traffic in one of the roads i take.  just when i thought it was simply for the fact that it was a friday night, i saw a crowd surrounding this body just lying there.  turns out that someone was ran over by some vehicle and the body was still in the place of incident.  the poor victim was left leg-less, and the face was sort of squashed to non-recognition.  gods, talk about disturbing.

i don't know what exactly happened, but for those who cross streets, meaning everyone,  please, people.  for our safety, let's not live in the delusion that we're vehicles; we're not.

for drivers.  sheesh, you will not run out of road to drive on.  careful.  and i know it's cheaper to leave victims un-alive, but you're not God.  don't play one.

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